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Healing Hidden Hurts deals with unjustified wrongs suffered at the hands of others and why the Lord still requires your forgiveness of the offender-in every situation. Through personal testimony, author and evangelist Ronda Brown-Varner shares how hard it can be to forgive someone who has caused great hurt and harm.

And when you stand praying, if you have something against someone, forgive him. Then your heavenly Father will forgive you of the things you have done wrong (Mark 11:25).

God's powerful message of forgiveness becomes crystal clear as you realize that total healing and restoration is possible! Prior hurts and unjustified wounds that have scarred you mentally and have kept you bound emotionally in personal prisons can be released to reveal the true inner beauty and wholeness that you were created to experience. Lasting inner peace is possible!

Complete healing and joyful living can be yours as you discover the simple and easy steps to applying forgiveness revealed in Healing Hidden Hurts.

Author and evangelist Ronda Brown-Varner provides practical life applications and reaffirms that your loving heavenly Father is encouraging you throughout the entire healing process to bring you into the place of total restoration.

Don't hide or bandage your pain another day-another minute. It's time right now for you to be as whole, free, and healed as Jesus died to make you.

Our Itinerary

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Nov 2, 2011    Christian Tabernacle  Wallisville Rd, Houston 7:00 PM
January 24, 2012     Katy Women's Aglow 10:00 AM contact 281-394-7595

To book Ronda and/or David Varner as a guest speaker or to purchase a copy of her newest book, "Healing Hidden Hurts" contact (281) 837-7456 or Email your request to: ronda.varner@gmail.com

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